The Awakening Gabriel Belin


Published: November 14th 2013



The Awakening  by  Gabriel Belin

The Awakening by Gabriel Belin
November 14th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 10.32 Mb

Dominic Bradford’s life suddenly and inextricably turns into a nightmare with virtually no chance of survival. Before he realizes, he becomes an animal hunted by an enemy who does not fear anything or anyone. Trapped between the police and FBI on one side, and on the other the powerful international trust that wants him — dead or alive, the writer can neither run nor hide.

He begins to play a game whose rules are made by others — players who are far more powerful than he and his two trusted allies.Through every step of the investigation, the police become more and more suspicious while watching his every move. Then the FBI steps in, and his adversary becomes more fearless by the minute. Barely escaping a kidnapping attempt, he loses his only fragile ray of hope — his new love. Though two friends — his lawyer and his literary agent — understand that something is very wrong, they are unaware of what really fuels this deadly game.Just when the stakes escalate, a new ally joins the fray — a private eye, owner of a high-tech detective agency, shows up to help Dominic in his private war.

Suspiciously, he appears to know things that Dominic never shared with anyone. His channels of information are second to none. His technical equipment is at a level that Dominic would never have believed that a small detective agency could possibly afford.One thing is certain — Dominic Bradford can rely only on what he fears most — his hidden nature.

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