The Dead Civil War Kenneth W. Cain

ISBN: 9780615778099

Published: February 27th 2013


230 pages


The Dead Civil War  by  Kenneth W. Cain

The Dead Civil War by Kenneth W. Cain
February 27th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 230 pages | ISBN: 9780615778099 | 10.69 Mb

“Tough and honest, The Dead Civil War has got some serious teeth to it. Think Patrick Henry goes to Zombieland, because that’s what Cain has in store for you!”– Joe McKinney, author MUTATED and INHERITANCEIt takes only one maniac to destroy theMore“Tough and honest, The Dead Civil War has got some serious teeth to it.

Think Patrick Henry goes to Zombieland, because that’s what Cain has in store for you!”– Joe McKinney, author MUTATED and INHERITANCEIt takes only one maniac to destroy the world.Family is often at the heart of our intent.

When that which we hold dear is threatened, our hand is forced. This is the reason so many work all day at a job they would prefer to leave. Each day we do what we can to provide for those we love.America- land of the free, home of the brave. What if this place we call home erupted in sudden turmoil?

What if the very people who protect our country, began turning their guns on each other instead of our enemies? What if one man could use that disjointed state to his advantage, to destroy everything we believe in—our faith, our homes, and our families?In the near future the United States finds itself divided between two parties that are slowly decimating America from the inside out.

While our nation battles, countries from around the world notice our disarray and make their move to either stake claim to near-abandoned territories or seal themselves off from the evolving horror completely. The United States has become a nation of Republicans versus Democrats, torn between the red and the blue.

And who decides how America will move forward when the dust settles? One man.When all is accounted for, there are sides that will remain. Lines will be drawn in the sand, between men and women, the living and the dead. And these sides will form packs.Some of these packs we can trust.

But others, those of the undead, are based on different principles. These are packs driven by one sole motive, to feed. Their hunger is a driving force and the virus, having given them life, continues to prove unstable, ever mutating.As the struggle for power resurfaces, the United States is faced with many hardships.

New problems demand unique approaches, and a leader emerges from out of the ruin. This forerunner will cure our land and lead this nation under his watch, rebuild it with his hands, and rule with an iron fist.Who will help the United States return to what it once was—a strong nation, by the people and for the people?

Who will rise up against this tyranny that has taken over, led us astray? Who of you will endure these struggles with us and fight for the America that we know and love?Sydney Forrester is this person. She is a trailblazer, fearless in the shadow of the dead. She will fight, relying on her intuition and the sharp edge of her sword. She is the woman who will gather the reigns of this fight and drive us toward a better tomorrow.It will take strength to refocus her husband, to return him to the man he once was.

Despite their years of separation, they will brave the unknown in hopes of reuniting with their young son.Before this small group of people can mend a nation, they must first heal their pasts. Some of them have secrets they have kept hidden for fear of facing the truth. The horror that they too might be responsible is a constant threat to their weakening souls. Until they can stand on their own two feet, how could they possibly save America?Sydney cannot fight this battle alone. She will need help.

It will take the union of her fragmented family, the realization of one half of a twisted relationship between two reckless brothers, the truth of one mysterious zombie, the courageousness of a distraught jester, the steady mind of a criminal and a dragon.

Together they will fight for what they have always held high, their freedom. They must confront the man who has crippled this nation. Together they will make those who have committed crimes against America pay for their heinous acts.Even if they do succeed, will it be enough? Can America be saved? And if it is, will it ever learn from its mistakes? Only time will tell, but there will always be those who rise up against the evils in this world.

Sydney and her friends are among those willing to fight. Are you ready to fight with them? Are you ready to battle the undead?Prepare yourself. Only you can determine the future of this country.

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