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Curve$ for her Billionaire  by  Tara Shade

Curve$ for her Billionaire by Tara Shade
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My name is Lizzie Wright and Im your average, curvy college student. My part time job? Im a call girl for wealthy clients who prefer big girls...My latest client is Vincent Islay, a private equity billionaire. Things seem normal at first but he seems to know a lot more about me than hes letting on... Before I know it, Im trapped in his merciless, sexy game. And Im begging for more!Excerpt:“Bend over the couch,” the billionaire ordered. I was all too ready to comply. I bent myself over the back of the couch, my leaking cunt on full display for him along with my bare ass.

I heard him undo his belt and slide it through the belt loops of his pants. My heart beat faster and faster as I awaited what I knew was coming, undoubtedly…With a crack, his belt sliced across my ass. God, but he knew how to use that belt.

I let out a strangled cry and squeezed my eyes shut.“Oooh, Mr. Islay. It hurts.”“It’s supposed to,” was his only answer as he prepared for another strike. It came with a crack and a slap. I drew a vicious gasp as pain flashed through my body, like a flood of lava suddenly washing over me. Even the air itself hurt my ass as it stood there, display and throbbing.“You’ve been a very bad girl, Lizzie,” Mr.

Islay whispered, barely audible.“H-how?” I asked.“You never told Ron that you made out with his brother, for one thing. Back in sophomore year of high school.”The belt shot across my ass again and I screamed, as much from the pain as from his words: how did he know that? Ron was my first serious boyfriend but I liked his older brother much, much more. I had made out with his brother in the car late one Friday after a football game while Ron went to get burgers. How the hell could Islay know that?“H-h-how do you know that?”“I know a lot about you, little Lizzie.”“What else do you know?” I demanded but I was simultaneously terrified to find out.

My swollen ass, red with welts from the belt, wiggled in fear. Mr. Islay wound up and took another lash at it, eliciting a strangled groan-yelp of pain from my lips.Warning:This sinfully scandalous 5000+ word short story contains filthy descriptions of a curvy college student pleasing a sinister billionaire. Her method of choice? Masturbating for him with a bottle of champagne before getting eaten out, fucked over a couch and then, in the middle of the night, fucked in the ass and mouth.

Throw in a good belt whipping and some light black mail and youve got a recipe thats for mature readers only.

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